Like it or not, America is an inclusive society

With the 9-11 anniversary, Park 51 controversy, and Koran burning threat (later withdrawn) – America had a pretty rough fortnight.

The media, of course, brings the controversial issues in the living rooms of the world. Add to that the role of cyber chatters, making the discourse more intense and personal.

It’s an age, where everyone knows everything and no one knows anything.

No wonder the great sage from Greece rightly said: the starting point of wisdom is knowing nothing.

Of course in the West (and in the East also) this is myth – proclaiming that I know everything is the starting point of wisdom.
We sometimes forget America is a country with a written constitution, so you may very well read it.

The American system is based on due process and democracy, rights and responsibilities, efficiency and equity.

As we all know, some rights are inalienable, guaranteed by the US constitution, particularly the freedom of religion, of speech and of the press.

If the foundations of these inalienable rights are compromised, America will lose her soul.

We have seen in history, when the economy is rough, people have the tendency to blame others.

Can’t find a job? Blame the Mexicans. If the economy is bad, blame the Chinese.

Foreign policy is not working? Blame the Muslims. This blame game is brought to a fine art level by the sleek politicians, paid lobbyists, and corporate power.

America is a mighty lucky country. We were blessed with great leaders.
America always changed with the changing circumstances.

Yes, America is going through a rough time now. But America will overcome the roughness because of her inclusiveness and fairness.

In any given society, in any given time, there is always tension between the traditionalists and the pragmatists.
Eventually, pragmatists win because their solutions are more contemporary and realistic.

America has spent too much time and energy on unnecessary controversy. Every society will have a few lunatics.

As long as we have the solid foundation of checks and balances.

Yes, it is understandable. In contemporary America, the power structure in economic, political and professional level is making a paradigm shift.

What is happening in America is what is supposed to happen.

People of all colors, religions, languages and all ethnicity came to America. America became a world by herself – greatness added greatness.

The current controversy and discourse is a healthy demonstration of our greatness.
American novelty, dignity and greatness will not be touched by these few ripples in a great ocean called America. We will move forward survive and thrive.

Dr. Nasir Ahmed is a professor of public administration in the GSU Political Science Department.