Just get a perm!

Naturalistas are surfacing all over campus. Is it because of the humidity or is it because it is what their idol is doing.There are only a handful who can pull the look off.

Jill Scott, a long-time naturalista, recently got a perm. She should have stayed natural and is one of the few beautiful women who can pull the look off, along with Angie Stone.

Going natural has advantages including less upkeep and better long-term effects.

Naturalistas do not have to worry about a monthly perm and rarely encounter a flat iron, curling iron or straightening comb.

While I dread the perming process, it is my preference.

“I feel that a lot of females shouldn’t have to go natural to show her true African beauty.

“Beauty is whatever you perceive it to be and I personally choose to use relaxers.

“And just because some women use relaxers doesn’t mean they’re any less beautiful,” said Carleshia Smiley, a junior therapeutic recreation major.

I embrace everything God has given me. Just because I choose to not go natural does not mean that I have no confidence or that I’m trying to conform to some standard of White beauty, as I’ve heard plenty times before.

“I feel like if that’s (going natural) what makes them happy and if that’s how they think they can define their beauty, then that’s cool as long as they’re happy,” Smiley said.

Everyone makes his or her own decisions. Saying that your decision is best does not make it right.

Just because we choose to perm our hair does not mean that we are less confident. It simply means that we want to perm our hair.

The natural look is definitely not for everyone. I am not a naturalista, but I’m not a faithful perm-getter either.

I know the damage the chemicals can do to one’s hair. But, I also know that the natural look is not for me nor is it what I want.

If you are going natural because you actually care about the long-term care of your hair, all power to you.

But, if you are going natural because everyone else is doing it, get a perm!
Note to naturalistas: Stop forcing your “naturalness” on us permed folk.

Some of us just do not want to convert.