I’m a proud creamy crackhead

Hundreds of Grambling students rush to their local hair pushers to purchase that wonderful, creamy crack, also known as a relaxer, weekly.I visit my pusher every three weeks. I have been under the influence since I was four.

Now, every once in a while, a natural girl will have the audacity to criticize my need to scratch that monthly itch.

The Gramblinite ran a feature page dedicated to women who never experienced creamy crack or chose not to use it anymore.

At first I was excited to know how other Gramblinites feel about natural hair, but once I read the first story I knew the page was full of hypocrisy.

Growing up, my mother was a hair pusher. She owned a beauty salon.

I came in contact with hundreds of women who wore their hair in various styles.
My mother did it all: quick weaves, sew-ins, dreads, braids, perms etc.

If I didn’t learn anything else sitting in my mother’s shop, I learned women want to feel beautiful, by their standards.
That was a crucial point that wasn’t mentioned last week.

Although I appreciated tips for growing natural hair, the information is just as effective on growing relaxed hair.

I did not appreciate the bashing of weaves and relaxers.

I have never worn a sew-in, but I do think that they are look great if done correctly.
As far as relaxers go, I like the way my hair looks, feels, and moves.

I feel absolutely beautiful when I look in the mirror.

Women have been under the scrutiny of what men think for too long. I am tired of their opinions about every thing we do.

The weave-bashing editorial was a put down to numerous Black women on our campus who seek self and social acceptance.

So what if it’s the European standard of pretty?

We all fit that standard in some way: body shape, facial features, hair, clothing, or skin tone.

I hope that every Black woman realizes that she is beautiful in her most natural state, but I am pro-choice and it is OK to look however you want. It is your head and hair.

So for all my sisters rocking the natural look, weaves, relaxers, and whatever else as long as you feel beautiful, nothing else matters.

But, I’m still looking forward to seeing you gorgeous women at the creamy crack corner.
I’ll be getting my fix. Where will you be?