G-Men get the ‘W’ for home opener!

Last weekend was the first home game of the season, which meant it was a must win for the G-Men. As fans enjoyed pre-game tailgates, the G-Men focused on getting the win over Jackson State.

For the past several years, JSU and GSU have clashed, debating on the home of the “real Tigers.”

To come home from a devastating lost against Louisiana Tech, this game truly meant something for the Grambling Tigers.

“Real Tigers bleed black and gold,” said Ariel Gremillion, a sophomore paralegal studies major from New Orleans.

She continued, “I expect Gram to dominate over JSU and make the rivalry even more interesting.”

The game kicked off with the Jackson State Tigers grasping the ball first.
Coming out of the first drive of the game with a touchdown, the G-men showed JSU how it’s done.

Pulling out the first touchdown of the game, #23 Frank Warren (RB) scored a rushing TD, making it 7-0.

Because of his performance, Warren was named Southwestern Athletic Conference Offensive Player of the Week.

The senior from Pleasant Grove, Ala. carried the ball 16 times for 256 yards and had two touchdowns.

Jackson then pulled out a couple of plays tieing up the game at 7-7.

Then accomplishing his first touchdown of the game, #27 Cornelius Walker (RB) made another Grambling TD rush, 14-7.

Forcing the 3 and out on Jackson in the 2nd quarter, #7 Anthony Carruthers (QB), threw an INT. Following the INT, there was a penalty and forced fumble.

The penalty was called against Grambling and at the same time the forced fumble was picked up by Jackson.

As a result, the ball was still for Jackson. #11 (QB) for JSU, throws an INT towards Gram defense. With 1:18 left before the half, the score remained 14-7 Grambling was up.

In the 3rd quarter JSU threw a passing TD, and tied the game again at 14-14, with 7:33 left. Warren ran for another TD rush, making the game become even more interesting and changed the score to, 21-14. With the clock at 5:33 left in the 3rd, Jackson States offense just couldn’t seem to get by Grambling’s dominating defense.

With the ball back in Grambling’s possession, Walker got his 2nd TD. With the score at 28-14 with 12:40 to go, it left JSU down by two possessions.

JSU rushed another TD to make the score 28-21; but, in the end, the blue and white Tigers weren’t able to pull off another TD to tie the game and send it into overtime.

At least, that was the message the G-Men Defense sent. With that game over, the Grambling Tigers are now No. 3 with a 1-0 (1-1 overall) record in SWAC.

Now the question is, can the Tigers redeem for their lost at last year’s Cotton Bowl game? Or will the Panthers reign over the Tigers for the second year in a row?