Changing Times

It has been so hot around GSU that students, faculty and visitors should walk around campus with a towel. This heat is really something serious. The temperature has been 90 plus more times than many care to count, and it continues to be that way. How much more heat can we take?
When you walk outside you are going to look official, but I’ll give you until noon. Around noon it is usually scorching.

It has been so hot that every time I go to class and I take off my backpack there is a big, wet circle on the middle of my shirt.

My back looks like I got hit with a big water balloon. By about three or four in the afternoon, you will want to take out the fresh shirt and fresh hat.

Here at Grambling State, we like to look nice. So we might keep on the fresh hat and fresh shirt despite the heat.

It gets so hot outside that a lot of people are not even walking to class, knowing that their gas money is limited.

People would rather drive less than 50 feet to attend class instead of walking.

Let me tell you, the buildings are not that far from the dorms.

Luckily, my roommate drives to class every day and we have similar schedules.

When I am in the car headed to class, I look at people’s faces and they look so hot, and I do not mean sexy.

Their facial expression looks like they are screaming “Can you please give me a ride?”

Sorry, this is not my car. If you were to walk to the yard, there are usually people sitting there; but, lately people been sitting right outside Tiger Xpress because it has a little shady area.

On a not-so-hot day the yard will be full of people; but, this heat is taking over, so the yard is empty.

It’s so hot and humid outside that the campus looks like a ghost town.

All you see is people walking to class dripping with sweat.

My advice for this heat? Dress right. Keep a towel and most importantly, stay out of it, because this is the kind of heat that will change your skin color.

Kevin Keise is a business marketing sophomore from Houston.