Am I fake because my hair is

People say,”She’s probably just as fake as her weave.” I know I’m not the only one fed up with defending my weave. In response to last week’s natural hair feature page; Yes, wearing natural hair is a bonus, but not everyone is able.

Also, weave is worn for different reasons. Some wear it to try something new. Some rock it because they don’t have hair and weave helps it grow.

Personally,coming from Detroit, to good ol’ Grambling, was not only a huge transition for me, but a bigger one for my (real) hair.

I have been natural for about eight years and loved it until I came to the South.

Any time I tried to straighten my hair, it fell victim to Louisiana’s humidity and heat, and became an instant fro. I continuously flat-ironed it, until my thick hair started to thin.

Due to my extra- curricular involvement, micros were out of the question.

Twists were an option, but that was not really my style.

I was left with the sew-in option and will keep it until I graduate.

I am asked constantly why I chose weave. If I have the opportunity to keep my real hair in good graces while still looking wonderful, how is that harming anyone?

Every time a female wears weave she is scrutinized because it isn’t hers.

When one buys clothes, jewelry or any other accessory, it’s theirs, right?

So, how is it any different when ladies request 14-inch 1B Remy hair? It’s not ours; but, we bought it, right?

Furthermore, just because I have weave on my head, it doesn’t mean I don’t have a good head on my shoulders.

Some try to connect weave with class and intelligence, when it has nothing to do with anything.

They say that we are artificial and don’t know true beauty because of our extensions.

What happened to beauty coming from within and being part of self-expression?
Weave is a trendy accessory and a way for individuals to display versatility.

I know people who have long hair, but wear short wigs not because they are fake or uneducated, but trying something new.

Then some people assume weave-wearers are bald-headed. Just because you can’t see our real hair, don’t assume we have none.

I give props to anyone who has my texture of hair and wears it in this heat, because I don’t have the patience or money to try to fight the frizz.

I prefer to sport my real hair and am eager for the weather to cool down so I can do so; but, until then, I weave it up.