What you’re fed shows in your follicles

As the owner of a multi-cultural hair salon located near a major university, students come into my salon all the time with many questions on hair care, while they are away from home. They want to transition from their regular stylist to a new city. Unfamiliar surroundings can be pretty stressful. So here are a few tips for healthy care:
First, hair grows from the inside out. So what you put in your body is what shown on top of your head.

Hair is a thin fiber. It consists of protein and minerals. Putting the proper nutrients in our body will help our hair grow and remain healthy.

Our hair relies on the bloodstream for its life and health, similar to plants.

Try a balanced diet that includes high protein and vegetables and see how fast your hair grows.

If your diet consists of strong spices, alcohol, caffeine, nicotine and tropical fruit, it may cause the hair to become brittle and delicate, easily damaged and broken.

Oily hair can be caused by excessive consumption of saturated fats, and is a precursor to dry hair. It may leave the ends dry and brittle and the roots oily. Try these vitamins to promote hair growth and protect the hair from shedding: zinc, vitamin B6, zinc pincolinate and antioxidants, as well as green tea, sesame and ginger.

Dandruff can be due to an overgrowth of yeast that lives on the surface of the skin. Try cutting back on dairy products and sugar to help control dandruff.

Second, try these at-home recommendations: tea tree shampoos and tea tree oil, which lift flakes and calm the scalp, in addition to Nizoral or Neutrogena T-Gel Shampoo.

Stress is another factor that may cause hair loss. I have noticed hair loss in a lot of my clients right before or after major tests.

Signs of stress are stomachaches, headaches, nervous energy, worry and anxiety, which can all lead to hair loss.

Practice stress management.Get your work out on! Pray for mental health and try a yoga class. Surround yourself with positive friends.

Last, to transition from relaxed to natural, I recommend wearing of braids or twists for an extended time to let your natural hair grow out.

Try micro braids, two strand twists or even a sew in. If you don’t see your natural hair growing, it shouldn’t bother you as much.
You still want to wash and condition your hair during this time. Wear these styles for about four to six months.
Eat healthy and you should be ready for the big chop.

These are some at home products you can try: leave-in conditioners, Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk to detangle, Mixed Chicks, Oyin Handmade “Juices and Berries,” Curlz “Gelousy.”

Shampoo once a week with a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. Stay away from products containing mineral oil, petroleum and beeswax. They will create heavy film on your hair and weigh hair down.

If you are bold, lock it up. See a professional to get them started on the right path. Good luck, and no worries.