Sports recap

It’s everyone’s favorite time of year again: football season! With the first week completed, a few teams have shown that they are ready for a championship run.The season opened with the defending champions, New Orleans Saints, vs. the Minnesota Vikings. The Saints held on through the low scoring game and defeated the Vikings 14 to 9.

Sunday night turned out to be a heartbreaker. Many fans believe that 2010-2011 is the season of the Dallas Cowboys, especially given that their stadium will play host to this year’s Super Bowl.

No team has played and hosted the Super Bowl in the same year. Cowboys fans believe that’s about to change. The game went down to the wire.

With just a few seconds left on the clock, Tony Romo managed to drive the Cowboys downfield within scoring range. With the Redskins leading 13 to 7 and just 3 seconds left on the game clock, Romo managed to evade would be tacklers and complete a touchdown pass to wide receiver Roy Williams; however, a penalty flag was thrown on the play.

Alex Barron, the 2005 1st round draft pick, was called for holding and cost the cowboys the game. Not long after, Barron instantly became a trending topic along with the words #Epicfail.

So what can we expect this year in the NFL? I have the top picks in the NFC and AFC for your 2010 – 2011 NFL season.

The top four contenders in the NFC: New Orleans Saints, Washington Redskins, Dallas Cowboys and the Minnesota Vikings.

The top four contenders in the AFC: Patriots, Ravens, Titans and Steelers. After week one, it’s safe to say I have made my picks for the Super Bowl, New Orleans Saints vs Baltimore Ravens.