Something new going on in WJC

Many new things are arising in Washington Complex, which is home to the Family and Consumer Science and Mass Communication departments. The new changes that are taking place include:

The Family and Consumer Science Department now has a new computer lab. The FCS department is also making a push to get at least one-fourth of their courses online.

The Department of Mass Communication is always on the move, but this time the department is making even bigger moves to ensure the future of its program.

According to the department head, Dr. Martin O. Edu, graduate enrollment has increased dramatically. About 30 new students were accepted this semester.

The department has also introduced a new internship method that is designed to increase the number of internships in the department.

“The purpose is to give as many students an opportunity to have a taste of the real world in terms of job-related requirements, as well as an opportunity to network.”

The department’s objective is to obtain at least 50 internships for mass communication students each year.