No more HIV/AIDS

Hello, I am Morgan Michelle Neal your 2010-2011 Miss Freshman. I was born in Houston and graduated from Pasadena Memorial High School in spring 2010.While in high school, one of my closest friends passed away due to AIDS and HIV, which brings me to the reason I decided to run for Miss Freshman.

The thought of losing someone close to me to a disease that could have been prevented circles in my mind every time I look at her picture. She lived with AIDS and did not even know it. African Americans account for 48 percent of the new AIDS and HIV infections.

In today’s society, many African Americans do not know their status, causing the number of people infected to triple.

I decided to take matters into my own hands to ensure that freshmen as well as Grambling State University’s entire student body is aware of their status and does not end up like my friend.

I plan to prepare a seminar to inform and educate us on the causes and effects of AIDS and HIV.

Someone living with AIDS and HIV can come in and speak on how their life has changed since learning they were infected.

Furthermore, I will arrange an AIDS and HIV rally. Knowing the facts, understanding the facts and living by the facts will help in not getting AIDS and HIV.

With this rally, I plan to get everyone involved being that it is proven to be that we are more influenced by our peers than ones that are older than us. I have many other things up my sleeve for the freshman class, AIDS and HIV is the most important since it is killing our race more than anything else.

Every 15 seconds someone ages 15-24 contracts AIDS and HIV. Do not let it be you. Know your status.

Morgan Michelle Neal is from Houston.