Groupie antics questionable; who are we to judge?

With the recession ending any time soon, Americans do any and everything to make ends meet.
In a society where people can reap the benefits of exploitation of their bodies, promiscuity and exposing sexual encounters Karrine Steffans (Superhead) and Kat Stacks have found their place.
Stacks has become internet-famous by contacting celebrities she would like to have sex with via Twitter. The celebs who took the bait were often bashed in her blog, where she claimed to have slept with rappers Game and Lil Wayne. She said Wayne paid her $1,200.
Recently, Kat Stacks has been the topic of internet forums and blogs for her latest alleged rendezvous with rapper Soulja Boy. Kat Stacks posted a video on her blog from a hotel room claiming to have bedded Soulja Boy .
She also said that the 20-year-old rapper has a cocaine addiction. While Soulja Boy’s face was not present on the video, the rapper’s distinct voice was heard.
Messages conveying that Soulja Boy petitioned Kat Stacks were revealed and gave her argument some validity. Her exploits have made her web-famous, but they have also turned many people against her . More than a few fans were jubilant to see her assaulted on camera.
Kat Stacks and others are among a group of video vixens and gold-diggers who utilize their “personal resources” to get what they want or need. As a result, these women are being publicly scrutinized because they seem not to care about the ethical or moral ramifications. Is it wrong? While I don’t agree with their principles or their way of doing what they do, I am in no position to cast judgement on anybody. Everybody does not share the same morals, and I don’t know her situation to say what she should and shouldn’t do.
As a parent, I’m concerned about the impression she gives young minority girls who might think that prostitution is necessary for attention or to make ends meet. I don’t endorse selling one’s body to gain personal recognition, but that is something they have to deal with. The question also arises if men find this type of behavior attractive or if it taints the image of good women. The “groupie” is not my preference in women, but they will always be present.
Some women are attracted to men for their reputations or social status and disregard their morals. If they desire a quality woman, men have the rigorous task of sifting through the world’s Kat Stackses to find educated, wholesome, competent, trustworthy, observant, tolerant, beautiful women who still exist.