Fashion offers meat dresses, colored tresses and more

Fashion at the 2010 VMAs proved to be nothing less than interesting. There were many stylish and eclectic outfits donned throughout the show.

The hostess Chelsea Handler proved to be quite fashionable throughout the night as well as lovely celebrities like Ciara, Selena Gomez, Ne-Yo, Sofia Vergara, Audrina Partridge, Rosario Dawson and Drake.

Aside from these stars, there were sleek and simple as well as outlandishly lavish ensembles. L.A. Laker Ron Artest showed up in an oh- to-simple T-shirt and jeans while his mystery date donned a questionable velvet one shoulder jumpsuit.

Love her or hate her, Lady Gaga is definitely a woman who knows how to make a statement.

She was adorned in artistic as well as bovine attire.

Her dress made of meat, which she wore to accept her award for “Video of the Year” was truly a statement maker. The other heavy, and feathery fashions worn by the songstress were, too.

Another shocker for the night was the legendary Cher. She was seen in a sheer and studded body suit and for a woman in her 60s, her body still puts girls more than half her age to shame.

Aside from Lady Gaga, Will.i.am and Nicki Minaj are also duly noted for their wacky getups.

Going for a more futuristic look Will.i.am and Nicki were seen in “Black Face” make up and neon Gumby cuts, as well as a rainbow of spandex and an assortment of wigs that almost outnumber Diana Ross’ collection.

Speaking of wigs, there also seemed to be a surplus of stars wearing numerous colors in their hair throughout the night. Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Nicki and Rihanna all appeared with hair that resembled the likes of rainbow bright.

Color is always nice but perhaps some stars should tone it down.

There were many fierce as well as frumpy garments, hair and personalities seen throughout the night, but for sure there was never a dull moment for fashion at the 2010 MTV VMAs.