Does sex really equal success?

Karrine Steffans appeared on “Life After” on TV One. In it, she said that she wouldn’t have gotten where she is without doing what she did. Steffans is known for sleeping with (among other things) a variety of celebrities. She went into great detail in her first book, Confessions of A Video Vixen.

The book named every celebrity she had relations with and what exactly happened. It was a hit. Everyone wanted to know which celebrities cheated on their spouses and what Steffans had done to get them. While the book became very successful, Steffans was labeled a snitch.

This is where our society’s double standard came into play. If a man brags about the women he slept with, he’s “the man.” Yet when a woman turns promiscuity into a franchise, she’s a snitch.

Punches were thrown at Steffans from every direction. But because of the tough upbringing she had, she was able to stand strong.

My question is: Where do you draw the line? I understand Steffans, like other vixens, is a mother and needs to provide support. But at the risk of her self-respect?

There’s no way that every time she slept with a celebrity, it was “for her son.”A lot of young females look up to these video vixens. I believe Steffans sent the wrong message in her “Life After.”

Sex does not equal success. No matter how you were brought up, you cannot let that be an excuse for losing all self-respect.

Instead of Steffans putting out the message that you have to do what she did, she should have been letting the youth know that sex isn’t the only ticket to fame or success.

After the airing of Steffans “Life After,” former video vixen Lola Monroe took to twitter to give her opinion.

“My issue is her polluting the youth’s mental into believing that is what you have to do for fame. If you are going to capitalize off of this at least while doing so teach to do better.

” Especially after knowing you have the youth’s attention. Her reality isn’t every female in the game’s reality. There are a lot of strong goal oriented women in the game. If you are aspiring to get in the business, her route should NEVER be an option,” she said.

Steffans capitalized off of sex like Kim Kardashian and Kat Stacks.

I give my respect to those who do not continue down the wrong path. The Kardashian family is now a brand. She took her sex tape and became famous but never looked back.

While I don’t support the reason why she became famous, I respect what she has done with it. As for Kat Stacks.

“With faith and a desire for growth your past won’t affect your future for the worst.

Instead it will create a fortitude in your character preparing you for anything your future hits you with,” Monroe said.

I hope the youth does not continue on this path of promiscuity for fame. It only takes one person to end the cycle.