Can’t be friends

Have you ever had a relationship with someone that you ended up regretting in the end? Losing someone you loved is never easy.
Trey Songz’ latest single “We Can’t Be Friends” gives a males perspective on the issue. As opposed to his last album Ready, which focused on love- making and pleasing women, this new album Passion, Pain and Pleasure has a variety of songs expressing the innermost emotions of a man scorned or in love.

“We Can’t be Friends” is a ballad about heartbreak, pain and regret. Part of the chorus reads, “. and I wish we never did it, and I wish we never loved it, and I wish we never fell so deep in love with you and now there ain’t no way we could be friends.”

Unfortunately, when you fall in love with someone and they do not reciprocate those same feelings about you, the relationship takes an unexpected turn for the worst.

Most of the time it ends with the one who loved to much alone and hurt while the one that didn’t love enough is off having fun and living life because it didn’t mean as much.

Although the other person may want to remain friends, the pain from the heartache is too strong and truly unforgettable.

At the beginning of a relationship the main focus is to get to know the person you are involving yourself with better and establishing a closer bond.

The problem with today’s society is that we tend to put our foot on the gas and race through the motions instead of meeting someone, courting them, marrying them and then sharing an intimate bond which in time will help them create a family.
We rush every other part of that process but marriage and commitment.

In a break-up there can be a lot of confusion and despair because one lover saw more potential in the relationship than the other.

When someone experiences that type of heartache and rejection, it makes it hard to go back to the beginning where everything between the two of them was all fun and games.

The amount of love they have for that person blocks all other options of friendship.

From a female’s perspective I have experienced love lost as well.

Although I am particular about who I want to love, when I find that one, I open up completely and fall hard and fast.

But, when all is said and done, I realize we’re not the perfect fit and have ultimately taken more out of the relationship than what really was there, I choose to leave that person completely alone until my heart was healed.

Some people may say that it is stupid but that is how I feel and Trey Songz expressed it best in his song “We Can’t Be Friends.”

Tiana Phillips is an art major from Lancaster, Calif.