Spiritual fire gets ignited

The Baptist Collegiate Ministry, commonly known as BCM, is now known as Ignite.

Director of the group, Rev. Reginald Alford told The Gramblinite that the group mission remains the same, but the new name was necessary as the organization is no longer associated with the Louisiana Southern Baptist Convention.Rev. Alford said the group remains on solid ground and will continue to encourage students to remain spiritually focused.

“We hope to start a spiritual fire at GSU,” Rev. Alford said.

The group now falls under United Campus Ministry.

With a weekly meeting attendance of over 200, the group continues to be an avenue to garner spiritual strength to a mixed group of students.

Participants’ demoninations vary and include Pentecostal, Methodist, Baptist and Church of Christ to name a few.

The organization has several members who were not affiliated with church prior to their arrival at GSU.

“This ministry is very important as students have different issues and sometimes they unfortunately become entangled with the wrong things,” the reverend said.

He said he has counseled many students dealing with issues such as rape, pregnancy and abortion.

“We hope to help them find their purpose, passion for the purpose and teach them to walk in their purpose,” he said.

In the future, he hopes “to take it to another level and people won’t think of GSU as only a party school, but one that exists in the knowledge of God.”

The director said the group will seek to spread the word of God not only to fellow students, but also to the faculty as well.

There are also plans for community projects, such as church visits and community tutoring in Ruston.

Ignite meets every Tuesday at Lewis Temple at 8 p.m.