Recession proof your fall style

Even though the semester began recently, it is never to late too speak about this semester’s attire.Let us think back to last season and what it taught us. The economy crisis caused some students to discover eco- friendly tactics.

We must stop and think if it is necessary to spend money on items that will only be worn once.

Why not invest in one item that will carry you through the years?

Upon returning to school I researched eco- friendly clothing, like cotton t-shirts, tomtom shoes which maybe pricey, but comfortable.

Also wear jeans more than once to save laundry.

Go through your wardrobe and give away items you no longer wear.

Remember one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, except in the case of underwear.

Even if you don’t follow anything in this article, just think.

There are plenty of other things you can do to participate in helping our earth or even just creating a better school.

Look through your favorite magazines and I will continue to stress, be creative.

There are so many alternatives that one could use to jazz up his/her wardrobe.

So those who have become immersed in fashion, take the time and evaluate your contribution.

Even if you are not so involved in fashion, remember you can still do your part.

Austin Richard is a junior mass communication major from Houston.