GSU president speaks at College Day

Grambling State University students, faculty, staff and retirees attended New Rocky Valley Baptist Church’s College Day.College Day is an event the church holds annually at the beginning of the school year. This year’s theme was Let the Lord direct your path.

Those who attended were asked to wear college T-shirts. Even though the majority of attendees wore GSU shirts, there were a few people who wore shirts representing other schools.

Pastor Julius Sumler said, “It’s held so that students are welcomed into our church and the community.”

“We want to close the gap between Grambling and hone, and we want the church right in the middle,” he said.

Sunday’s service featured special guest President Frank Pogue. His topic was how to make yourself proud of yourself.

“Always remember to maintain a positive attitude about yourself. Never give into a person’s negative assessment about you,” said Pogue.

He told students to seek and achieve academic excellence, accept responsibility for their behavior, let nothing interfere with the achievement of excellence and create a better world.

“When you’re trying to succeed in life, you don’t need anyone holding you back. Surround yourself with positive influences, and you’re bound to succeed,” he sa

Pogue said the last thing a drowning person needs is a hug from a person that cannot swim.

In his message he said there is no separation between academic and personal excellence, they go together.

Sumler presented Pogue with a plaque of appreciation and shared good things about him.

“God has blessed GSU with a new tiger. Not only is he president of GSU, he is a man of God,” said Sumler.

Pogue presented Sumler with a GSU pin. This is a tradition that he is beginning. Once Pogue presents a person with the pin, if he or she is within a 100-mile radius of the campus, he or she is to wear the pin or donate $100 to GSU’s scholarship fund.

Also, Sumler recognized GSU employees Susan Wiley and Dr. Glenda Island for helping to make the program a success.

Wiley, a Student Success instructor, said, “College Day is important because it helps our students come together and worship together. It helps them feel special,” she said.

Wiley said she was excited to see so many students participate in College Day. “I think the turnout was great,” she said.

GSU student Stavinoha Bradley said, “I felt that it was a blessing to be able to fellowship with that many of my peers on a Sunday morning. There is no doubt that what Dr. Pogue said was true, something that every student across the nation should have heard.”

During the time of decision, Sumler invited people to rededicate themselves to Christ. Three freshmen freshman joined the church.

These students were assigned to church parents to make sure the students’ process of joining the church goes smoothly and to ensure they have transportation to church.

As the service closed, students seemed satisfied. After service, lunch was provided by the church, and students ate and fellowshipped with other students and church members

GSU employee Jerry Brooks chaired this event.

“I am overwhelmed that everything went well. But when God is in the midst, all things go well,” Brooks said.