Alphas sponsor community barbecue

The Delta Sigma chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc. sponsored a community barbecue recently.”I loved the crowd and the organization did a wonderful job serving their guests,” said Francesca Willis, a sophomore from Little Rock, Ark.

As the food cooked and music played, the crowd came out to support the organization, who prepared an eventful day for all.

“It’s basically a freshman welcome to Grambling, but we extended it at large just to say “This is our job” as an organization we are uplifting,” said Rodrick McGil and Frank Smith the chapter’s secretary and vice president.

“Since we’ve been reinstated we wanted to celebrate it with our entire student body, especially the freshmen,” said Dexter Harris, a Delta Sigma Alpha.

“A highlight for me at the barbecue was definitely the food for one and seeing how many people who came out to support the organization” said Miss Senior Cemia Khalek.

The event brought out people from all backgrounds and positions including Student Government Association President Lamark Hughes.

“SGA President is suppose to be student friendly, so I try to attend all student sponsored events,” Hughes said before adding that a highlight was the Greek organization unity pictures taken at the event.

“I enjoyed the time to see everyone, new and old faces; it was just a good time thanks to the Alphas,” Valon McCall, a senior engineering student.

Despite rain the barbecue was deemed a success.

The get together was planned to not only feed stomachs, but to also feed souls, said Smith.