Fashion Guide

Minimalism is the name of the game when it comes to this fall’s fashion. Vogue has made every effort to showcase the wonderful world of simplistic

The fall season inspires form fitting attire such as blissful blazers, chic capes and lovely lace.

These garments are diverse. You can find an array of colors and patterns of each to complement numerous outfits.

Other fads include trendy trousers and beautifully beachy fashions.

But where can I find these clothes for a reasonable amount you ask?

There just so happens to be a few places in the surrounding area that are very thrifty and trendy.

Many of us adore designer labels, but not when you’re on a collegiate budget.

In Ruston a few places actually are very accessible for thrift shopping.

Beehive and Goodwill indeed seem like stores that most wouldn’t take time to look into, but there can be some very retro and stylish items found at these establishments.

It all depends on how you find items to fit your style, and the best part is how much money you get to keep in the bank.
Colors that are interchangeable throughout your wardrobe are also a must as certain items come in handy when you can use them for more than one outfit.

In beauty there are many styles that are very hot in the fashion world.

For example: people with lighter complexions beam brilliantly with red lips a
It is a simple and powerful look. Another no fuss look is Kohl liner with no mascara.

For people with darker complexions, showcasing an even skin tone and using beautifully bold color for eyes is the key to a fashionably fearless look.

Also wine and plum lip finishes and make up with blue undertones will bring out the brilliance of the darker skin tones.

Bold brows that make a statement and devilishly lined eyes are also in style for the fall.

Dominic Shaw is a sophomore theatre major from Los Angeles.