Students can yea or nay bills on ballot

This election season students have the opportunity to not only support worthwhile candidates, but to also vote for or against two student fees. The first fee is for the university band. The World Famed Tiger Marching Band wants the fee to provide new band uniforms and cleaning of the uniforms, new musical instruments and instrument repair.
In an official document it was stated that the fee would also help the band with recruitment.

With admission and retention rates remaining necessary to the university, any bill which could up university numbers is beneficial.
The second fee is a library restoration fee. It was heavily publicized during former Student Government Association President Steven Jackson’s administration.

The fee was proposed to show the state and federal government that students stepped up to the plate and wanted to improve the library, Jackson said.

Jackson added that University President Dr. Frank Pogue was supportive of the bill and wanted to ensure that students didn’t overly tax themselves.

“It’s up to us as students to keep the tradition of Grambling State University alive and thriving,” said SGA President Lamark Hughes.

“So let’s get out and vote to restore A.C. Lewis Memorial Library, the strongest tool to strengthen our minds.