Miss Grambling extends welcome back to Grambling

Welcome Grambling State University Tigers!My dearest Grambling State University Family, it gives me great pleasure to welcome you to Fall 2010. Incoming freshmen, new faculty, staff, members of administration, thank you for making the right choice and welcome to Tiger Land.

I am Solange N. Sayers, your Miss Grambling State University 2010-2011, and I am thrilled to serve you. Representing my beloved university at this capacity is a remarkably humbling experience. Every single moment experienced in this post brings a never ending joy to my heart, especially through the performances of our Tiger Marching Band.

The football season is back and we as Gramblinites are ready for action! We have always been able to boast of the ability of our finely tuned athletes and their commitment to our overall success in the sporting arena. To our Grambling State University Football Team – I applaud your daily efforts while training and remaining within good academic standing each semester.

To the athletes injured, we appreciate your dedication to the sport and wish you good health. To our coaches – you are the exemplification of what excellent athletes ought to be as you set high standards for our teams. Without your support we would not be able to surpass our potential as a unit on the field!

Freshmen! Thank you for participating in the Freshman Week of Activities. I look forward to continuing to work with you through the implementation of my platform “P.O.W. – Passing on Wisdom” through which activities similar to the “Brother to Brother; Sister to Sister” can be facilitated.

Upperclassmen! Thank you for returning to our alma mater in order to pursue your educational careers with us. I challenge and encourage you to reach out to the new additions to our family, assist them in any way possible, share with them the rich heritage that we possess here. Remember to make use of the resources that we can boast of at our university.

As individuals, we pride ourselves on being referred to as students who attend this prestigious university; as a student body we arm ourselves with the knowledge and skills needed to meet any opponent who may come our way; as the Grambling State University Family we come together as a force to be reckoned with both on and off the football field!

The Office of Miss Grambling State University is here to be of service to the student body and our university as a whole. I urge you to come forward with your concerns, questions, suggestions and more.

Do not hesitate to contact me via email: ssayers@gsumail.gram.edu or via telephone: 318-274-6400. The members of the Royal Court are here for you. I am confident as I speak on behalf of our Tiger Family populous in saying that as a whole we are prepared to embrace challenges and emerge victorious.

Let us continue to be cordial and respectful to each other so that we may make positive strides toward building our university as a whole.

I pray that we all have a fruitful semester as we work toward attaining our ultimate goals. I wish everyone a safe and productive semester and I look forward to speaking with you throughout the semester!