Letter To The Editor

Dear editor:I greet you in the Name of My Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Welcome back to Tiger land, back to Grambling State University.

We are elated that many of you chose to return for the fall semester. We are praying for your success. Success comes at a price.

I am sure you have counted the cost of you reaching that goal of graduating and moving on into the working world. Grambling State University, as you know, is here to help you in reaching that goal.

The Professors will help you in your development to acquire the educational skills which will enable you to excel in your careers. But let it be known, that your educational success is not possible without divine intervention. My heaven Father is able and available to assist you. It is He who has given you the desire to succeed, to excel, to pursue excellence.

Young people wisely redeem the time that God has given unto you. Don’t waste that time that has been allotted you.

The time you have if not used is not like AT&T rollover minutes. The time that you did not use wisely or fail to use cannot be used at a later date.

Allow the Lord to order your steps in the rightful pathway of education to enable you to perform according to His will for your life.

While you are pursuing your degree(s) the churches of this area is here to afford you the opportunity to strengthen your walk with the Lord. I encourage you to seek a place of worship.

Several churches in the area has a bus ministry that would be more than glad to come and pick you up for worship service.

Be encouraged and have a wonderful semester. And know that with the help of the Lord all things are possible.

Rev. Anthony C. Slack Yours In Christ Jesus,
Pastor, Mount Zion B.C.
Grambling, Louisiana