Know GSUPD programs, rules

All university parking areas are zoned, reserved or restricted, and all parked vehicles must display Grambling State University parking permits appropriate to where they are parked.The vehicle registrant will be responsible for all tickets issued to his/her vehicle, including violations incurred by family members and other drivers.

Students who owe the university traffic fines will not receive a transcript or be allowed to re-enroll until fines are paid.
The operator of an unregistered vehicle is responsible for all tickets issued to that vehicle regardless of ownership.

Vehicles that present a hazard to campus, destroy or deface university property or bring discredit to the university will be towed off campus without notification and at the owner’s expense.

Parking regulations are enforced in faculty/staff zones weekdays from 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. In addition to the university’s traffic and parking regulations, city ordinances and state laws relating to motor vehicles are also enforced on campus.
Unauthorized vehicles parked in reserved spaces or zones will be ticketed, impounded or both. A vehicle receiving three or more such citations is subject to be towed or immobilized by the university.

Displaying permit
The parking permit is transferable, can be used on more than one vehicle, and must hang from the rearview mirror so the numbers are visible through the windshield.
Once a registration permit is issued for a vehicle, it is the responsibility of the person registering the vehicle to place the permit on the rear-view mirror. The vehicle is not officially registered until the permit is displayed.
A permit placed on a vehicle for which it is not intended is considered fraud.

Parking policies
The absence of a “no parking sign” does not mean that parking is allowed. Parking regulations are in effect at all times from the beginning of the first day of class each semester and all summer sessions.
Service drives and loading zones, designated by signs and/or a yellow curb, are closed to parking at all times except to authorized university vehicles and commercial vehicles making deliveries.

Parking at fire hydrants or red curbs is prohibited at all times, and vehicles parked by red curbs will be towed and impounded.
During the hours of regulation parking, registered vehicles may park only in assigned lots. Operating or parking an unregistered vehicle on campus will result in the issuance of a citation.
Only students or employees who have obtained a handicap automobile license plate or state issued decal from the state of Louisiana will be eligible to park in a handicap space.

Parking fines
Fines for parking offenses range from $35 for minor offenses up to $500 for parking in a handicap space a second time.

Community policing
Grambling State University Police will play a vital role in the students learning and living at Grambling State University utilizing the Community Policing philosophy.
The focus of community-oriented policing is not simply on responding to crime, but on preventing crime and resolving community problems.

Officers work closely with other organizations and community groups to educate community members about potential hazards they may encounter and how to reduce the likelihood of becoming a victim of crime, to identify the problems, concerns and fear of community members, to identify and eliminate hazards that may promote crime or disorder, and to improve the overall quality of life in the community.

Programs offered by GSUPD include:
“Common Thread” (larceny prevention, alcohol consumption, sexual assault awareness, Facebook safety)
“Watch that Tiger” (pedestrian safety)
“Who Knew” safety seminar (collaborative effort between Judicial Affairs and police department)