BEAP goes on with new service, sponsors

The Black Empowerment Apprenticeship Program (BEAP) goes on at Grambling State University.BEAP held its 15th Annual School Supplies Stipend Awards/Recognition Program on Aug. 19 in Woodson Hall.

The program acknowledged children and youth (The BEAPers) who participated in service learning/community service activities.
Such projects included recycling/placing of Memorial Day? Father’s Day/Mother’s day where GSU’s founder is buried, and delivering flowers to all fathers on Father’s Day at Princeton Long – term care facility.

These services were provided in exchange for a monetary award for school supplies.

Several members of GSU’s faculty and staff and the community pledged $500 over a period five years (2010- 2015) to support the school supply stipend/scholarship component of Project BEAP. They are 500 Club pledge sponsors and are identified as follows:
Dr. Neari Warner, Dr. Connie Walton, Dr. Raymond Hicks, Dr. Nasir Ahmed, Dr. Lemmy Akoma, Dr. Charles Humphrey, Dr. Willie F. Daniel, Dr. Loretta Walton-Jaggers, Dr. Ronnie Davis, Dr. Beatrice McKinsey, Dr. Marianne Fisher-Giorlando, Dr. Obadiah Simmons Jr., Dr. Lawanna K. Gunn-Williams, Dr. Rose Harris, Dr. Lucy McIntosh, Dr. Lurie Thomason, Dr. Frances Staten, Dr. Sarah Dennis, Jr. Craig Jones, Dr. Stacey A. Duhon, Dr. J. Russell Willis, Rev. James Smith, Aaron James, Terry Williams, Rev. Micheal Douglas, Beverly Crawford, Rev. Calvin Wortham, Inetha Wimberly, Winifred R. Jones, Veterine Simpson, Beverly Hill-Hercules, John Williams, Elaine Deberry, Ewing and Carolyn Collier.

BEAP is a special community service project of Pi Gamma Mu Honor Society. It was established on Valentines Day in 1996 in response to the Million Man March.

It was originally designed to provide young black males with risk social background and the opportunity to learn skills for future occupational aspirations.

In 1997 Charles Bass paved the way for 10-year olds to be included in the program.
BEAP now includes children and youth (ages 5 to 20), females, service-learning and community service components.

Project BEAP places youth with mentors in the business and the academic communities who are responsible for exposing them to their employment, experiences, skills and expertise.

For BEAP service learning provides an opportunity for participating youth to attend college classes in their areas of interest and to apply knowledge gained to render service to the community.

Mentors in the business and the academic community are responsible for exposing BEAPers to their employment experiences, skills and expertise.

Such exposure has included video technology, computer, workshops, screen-printing, food preparation, cosmetology broadcasting, sales and retailing and performing arts.

To be eligible for participation one must be an African American child or youth who come from a disadvantaged social background. Youth’s parents should be willing to provide voluntary service to the program.

If anyone is interested in becoming a BEAP sponsor contact Dr. Frances Staten at 274-2240 or 274-2803 or e-mail her at staten@gram.edu.