Oprah Winfrey to call it quits, end successful show

After 25 years of production and numerous gossip filled celebrity interviews, Oprah Winfrey decided to throw in the towel. Her last day of the show will be September 9, 2011.Winfrey expressed how much the show means to her and why she has decided to leave during the regularly scheduled broadcasting time of The Oprah Winfrey Show.

“I love this show. This show has been my life. And I love it enough to know when its time to say goodbye,” said Winfrey.

Many fans will miss the humor-filled, head on interviews with A list celebrities more than the show itself.

Not only the interviews will be missed, but also the surprise giveaways and gifts she often gives to her studio audience.

One thing we can definitely say with surety is that she is one of the most generous and giving talk show hosts out there.

Her generosity does not stop with the audience, but she expresses a deep compassion for the guests on her shows who are just regular people with not so regular situations.

Winfrey has helped large families with low incomes get sponsors so that the burdens on their lives can be at little easier to bare.

Not only that, but she has allowed many people to just speak about their lives and the things they face on a day to day basis, basically giving them the opportunity to be understood.

The Oprah Winfrey Show launched nationally in 1986 and has had an estimated 42 million viewers a week in the United States alone.

Not only has the show exceeded the ratings of expectancy for the past 23 years, but it has also won 48 Daytime Emmy Awards, including the Lifetime Achievement Award in 1998.

It has also been the number one talk show on-air for 23 consecutive seasons.
Throughout the years, Winfrey has also had her share of run-ins.

She was targeted by rappers for the simple fact that she didn’t conduct any interviews with rap artists for many years.

She soon revealed that it’s not the music that she dislikes, but it’s the portrayal of the black race that they give to the world.

Not only that but also the negative messages that are broadcast world wide through their music.

No longer is she boycotting against rappers but she now willingly does interviews and allows rap artists to be guest and performers on her show.

Winfrey is most known for making guest feel welcomed and conducting interviews out of love and concern for not only the interviewee but also the lives in which they impact on, on a daily basis.

She has rented a place in the hearts of millions of viewers whom surely feel comfortable with allowing her to move in and soon, if not already, own that special place and call it home.

Don’t get teary-eyed just yet; this is not the last of Winfrey that will be seen.

According to her very own web site, oprah.com, Winfrey plans to appear and participate in new programming for The Oprah Winfrey Network, a 24-hour cable network that reflects her vision, values and interest.

OWN is set to be up and running in January 2011 as a joint venture with Discovery Communications.