Maybe a new ‘step’ for Grambling?

Stephric “Step” Garrett announced his plans as a candidate for mayor of the City of Grambling. The 35-year-old hopeful is a native of Folson, and a 1993 graduate of Covenington High School. “I’ve been a 16 year resident of this great city. During my time here, I have grown to love this small net town. Though this town is remarkable presently as well as historically, there many are needed changes,” Garrett said.

Although he is the youngest running candidate, he denies any intimidation.

“I think me being the youngest candidate will work well to my advantage. I am in tune with the needs of the youth as well as the icons of an earlier era. I am capable of catering to the needs of all age groups, colors, and creeds. A positive and work ready attitude allows anyone to obtain any goal they set in their vision,” Garrett said.

Garrett, along with his campaign committee, formulated platform “City and University equals Unity,” which is targeted toward the city in addition to the university.

“Grambling State University is one of the backbones of this city, yet the communication among the two are not binding. I plan to construct a bond that will implement unity and will ultimately work to the uplift the Grambling community in addition to the University,” Garrett said.

“Step”, as some call him, also would like to bring more revenue to the city of Grambling in the near future. “This town has a certain prestige for the history it holds but no businesses to support it. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the present traditions, yet I feel as though these traditions should follow the advancements made by current technology. The city deserves to be on the same status as other great cities, especially with GSU, the illustrious university that it is. The citizens deserve bigger and better standards of living and I plan to do just that,” Garrett concluded.