Crime spreads in Arkansas town

Crossett, Ark. is a town of 5,381 that is noted for having a cost of living nearly 25 percent lower than the national average. The town recently had two murders. Demontrius Webb was killed by a .38 caliber handgun. Antonio Robinson of Pine Bluff was charged with first degree murder in connection to Webb’s death, according to www.cwarkansas.com, which also reported that the alleged dispute was over a woman.

The second victim was Donna Woodberry, kidnapped from home by two men, killed and used her vehicle to transport them to a bank they robbed, according to www.todaysthv.com. The men’s faces were shielded by industrial masks bank tellers told reporters.

According to channel 7 KATV of Little Rock, Ark., 26-year old Kendell Clifton Nickelson of Brookhaven, Miss., was captured in Texas for his role in the recent shooting and bank robbery. Thirty-year-old Adrianne Green of Crossett was arrested.

Crossett locals said she supposedly met 41-year-old Peter Keith Harvey of New Orleans via Facebook and discussed the robbing the local bank.

Green stated she never planned to kill the victim. The same day as the incident, Green was spotted grieving with the family of Donna Woodberry.

“It was a shock what happened to such a close knit town, but it can happen anywhere.

” I believe it’s still safe to live (in Crossett), but small things such as leaving your doors unlocked are going to have to change.

“We as a community are not used to such crime sprees occurring, but people are going to have to be wiser about safety,” said Cheryl Ellis-Walker, a Crossett native.