Summer enrollment slow and steady

Summer session one enrollment began slowly but increased. “Summer session one is usually the most difficult due to students waiting for their grades to go in the system because once grades are in, financial aid is able to tell how much aid each student will receive,” said Albert Tezeno, financial aid director.
Graduation was May 15 and registration began May 17.

“This was the largest first session that Grambling has had from the last few sessions,” said Patricia Hutcherson, director of the Registrar’s Office.

“There was an increase in the amount of students enrolled from each year. There are 1,525 students enrolled this session. Summer one 2009 had 1,206 and summer one 2008 had 1,246 students enrolled.”

Registration for the second session will be June 26- 30 with the first day of classes on June 28.

“Summer Session two is usually always larger than the first session,” said Hutcherson.
“There has been a new rule the government has established that in order for you to receive financial aid, your grades have to be in the system from Spring 10,” said Tezeno.

Some students weren’t able to receive financial aid. “If a student did not earn 24 hours or more throughout the Fall 09 and Spring 10, the award will not be offered to you,” said Tezeno. These new rules caused some students to register late.

Many students depend on grants to cover the cost of tuition, housing and fees. Off campus undergraduate students tuition is $898 and on campus student tuition is $1,842 for six hours.

The Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act was signed by President Obama, which includes the Federal student loan program. A “New Financial Aid Requirement” will begin Thursday, July 1.

All students, new or currently enrolled, must sign a promissory note, known as New Master Promissory Note (MPN), in order to receive loans after June 30.

Due to the increase of students registered, numerous out of state students decided to attend summer school because they where already here.

“I’m in summer school so I can earn more credit hours so I can be off campus in the fall,” said Andrea Williams, a nursing major from Los Angeles.

Fall classes will begin on Monday, Aug. 23. “If a student is selected for verification then the student would need to complete a dependent/independent verification worksheet.

“Along with the worksheet we will need a copy of the student and parents 1040 for 2009. If the student is a dependent, if the student is independent we will need a copy of the student/spouse 1040 for 2009,” said Tezeno.