Importance of Juneteenth versus July 4th

Juneteenth is not recognized as it should be because some people don’t know the history behind the holiday and why it should be celebrated on a national level.
It does not receive the exposure like the July 4th celebrations.July 4th is a holiday that is celebrated on a national level with festivities such as fireworks, barbeques and family gatherings.

The importance behind July 4th is so widely recognized because it commemorates the adoption of the declaration of independence.
Juneteenth is also called Freedom Day or Emancipations Day honoring African American heritage and celebrated by people of all ethnic and racial backgrounds.

It commemorates the announcement of the abolition of slavery in the United States of Texas in 1865.

Both holidays are equally important in their own way and should be celebrated to the fullest by people of all races and generations.

As African American we should fill obligated to do something honoring our ancestors, and make sure that our children know the importance behind the holiday.

Juneteenth emphasizes achievements and education of African Americans, information about the holiday should be in textbooks and it should be taught to children in schools.
Since my first days of attending school, I can remember hearing about the Declaration of Independence and that Independence Day is the United States’ birthday.

Juneteenth should be supported and celebrated by people of all races because of the history of the holiday.

Juneteenth paved the path for many successful African American leaders giving them the opportunity to make something out of their race. That’s why its so important to teach our next generation about the importance of Juneteenth, without having a well informed race our traditions will be lost.

Juneteenth is a holiday that is not forgotten by the people at Grambling State University and its community.

Many people take the time out to celebrate Juneteenth by having family gatherings, barbeques, games, pageants, and parades.
On this day, we will celebrate the contributions of great African American leaders, teachers, journalists, doctors, writers, lawyers, scientists, astronauts, actors and many others who have made our world a better place.

Juneteenth a special day to remember African American history along with July 4th. These are two very important holidays that should be recognized each year on a national level from generation to generation.

The contributions and achievements of African Americans should be included in our history books and history classes so that we know more about our history and heritage.

Jeremy Phelps is a junior kinesiology major from Shreveport.