Health bill helps sex education

President Barack Obama’s health bill is important to citizen throughout the United States. The bill is striking up conversation all across the world.Certain parts of the health bill people like and some parts they don’t.

One part of the health bill that I want to talk about is giving $250 million to all states to sponsor pregnancy programs and preventing sexual transmitted disease.

The new health bill can and will help sex education across the U.S if used the right way.

The more funding the programs have, the better they will become.

“To spend a quarter billion dollars on abstinence-only-only-until marriage programs that has already proven to fail is reckless and irresponsible,” said James Wagoner of the Washington group Advocate for Youth.

The statement is irrational because no matter how much money it takes it should be done.

We have to get across to young people that sexual transmitted diseases are real. They are out there.

The way to start getting the message out there is to give the states more funding to work with.

According to 4parents.gov, one in every three girls is estimated to get pregnant at least once before they hit the age of 20. It doesn’t sound high, but it really is.

The money from the bill can be used in many different ways in my view.

It can be used to get speakers with credibility to come out and speak.

Not enough people go to AIDS preventions or sex seminars.

If we can get some speakers with some big names it will increase the number of people who go and actually listen.

We can use the money to update pictures and document of sexual transmitted diseases.

With this money information about STDs can be updated online constantly, so people know what they are up against.

The money can be put to good use to help the young people today. We can’t just ignore the problem, now is the time to solve it.

These programs can keep lives from being destroyed. So, allow the government to help us make the world a better place.

In my eyes this funding is one of the better ways to help solve this problem.