Guest Column

Father’s Day will be celebrated June 20 and children all around the world will pay tribute to their fathers. What a blessing it is to have a special father to honor for all of the wonderful things that he does for his family.A father is a very important part of the family. He is the head of the family and responsible for keeping the household running in perfect order. If he is not on his job or is missing in action, the order of the family is out of order according to God’s plan for the family.

A mother is equally important to the family and she should not be expected to take the full responsibility of taking care of the family. Many of the fathers of today have dropped the ball or left the family without financial, spiritual or emotional support.
This put a lot of pressure on the mother to do everything for her children. One person cannot do everything without help from the father. It must be a partnership and they must work to get the best outcome for the children who need both parents.

My father passed away, but I will still celebrate the special day because he was the greatest dad I have ever known. God gave me the most wonderful father who loved me like no one else. He was supportive, loving, enthusiastic, hardworking, and the best listener in the world.

He spent a lot of time with me and my older brother. My father made an investment in what really matters in life, the family. If every father believed in supporting his children to the best of his abilities what a great world we would have. It would be heaven on earth to have someone who loved you with all of his heart.

I remember having a father who spent so much time talking and listening his children. He was truly aliving testimony that lives on today. I have such many amazing stories about my father taking us to church and school and picking us up every day until his illness.

My father was the best dad because he always had time to listen and talk to us about everything. We would spend hours and hours just talking and laughing. I wish that all children had such great times with their fathers. He was a minister who taught us about the word of God and went a step futher by living the word. I would like to see a living sermon anyday.

It’s one thing to tell someone about the word of God, but it’s another to just let them see the God in you.
Happy Father’s Day to all fathers and remember that you have a great responsibility to your family. Your children are depending on you to do the right thing.

Don’t let them down by being missing in action. Just be the best father you can be and they will appreciate and love you for being the best dad they have ever known.

Dr. Sharon Ford-Dunn is a Grambling State University professor in mass communication.