Staff member says thanks to G’nite family

As I reminisce on my experience as a student, The Gramblinite plays a huge role in my time spent at Grambling State University. It has been a pleasure and honor working and writing for the newspaper. There are so many memories that will never be erased. I began my work with The Gramblinite in the summer of 2009. “Beyonce”, Mrs. Joice Dunn, and “Kelly”, Mrs. Peters, welcomed me to the staff with open arms. Under their leadership, I not only learned how to write, but I learned important fundamentals that will take me to the next level in journalism.

When the fall semester began, I became acquainted with the greatest staff in the black college media. Dasha Flournoy, Imani Jackson, Austin Richard, Jessica Gafford, Daphne Dunn, Candice Dixson, Tiana Phillips, John Preston, Juston Jackson, Alaina Wood, and Qiyas Smith. This group of students combined to form an awesome working environment as well as newspaper. We joined together as a family and created success.
As a whole, we are a real family, and I do mean real family. We did not always agree with one another and had disagreements just as any family would. Then again, that is the best example of a family, right? I have grown to love each member and look forward to seeing each of them accomplishing great goals.

From venturing on the road, to working late hours in the newsroom, I would never trade this experience for anything. GSU will remember me for the inspirational columns I wrote and the breaking news stories I covered. The staff will remember the special ways I gained their attention when I was locked out of the building and the jokes I told while passing time away on the job.

I will truly miss this job because there is nothing like working in a positive atmosphere. College brings about many beginnings, changes and personal awakenings. The Gramblinite helps define you by opening your mind to creativity and self-expression. This newspaper will forever remain in my heart and I will cherish the experience always.