Laboratory school students receive etiquette tips

In an effort to prepare young ladies for prom and life, Torry Dean hosted an etiquette seminar for female juniors and seniors at Grambling High.Hazel D. Hunter was the guest presenter. She discussed table manners, good posture and the appropriate manner in which ladies should carry themselves.
Also, she showed them how to properly sit, stand and walk.
Hunter said, “Etiquette is defined as the rules for socially acceptable behavior.”

She told them good etiquette is important for job interviews or lunch or dinner with an employer.
Hunter said it provides them opportunities to impress dates or their dates’ parents.

After she showed them how to use the various eating utensils, they got a chance to practice with them.
Then Hunter spoke about the many benefits to good posture.
She said, “Good posture will make you look ten pounds lighter and more confident.”
“Good posture affects your health: joints and bones and muscles and organs. Sit up straight, and put your shoulders back.”
The young ladies put on their heels and placed a book on their head to work on their posture.
Librarian Marvis Anderson told them to always carry themselves as ladies.

“Never let anyone disrespect you,” she said.
GSU instructor Melanie C. Thomas told the ladies that good manners are like skeleton keys; they will open any door.
“Remember that for some people, perception is reality, and people judge you by what you say and do. Also, they treat you accordingly,” she said.

“If you behave like a lady, that is the manner in which you will be approached. That is the way that people will treat you,” said Thomas.

Chattam resident Ashley Hassen, a junior, said it was a good program for young women her age.
“This is a good life lesson for us. Some of us did not know how to properly set a table. Someday we will need to teach our children,” said Hassen.
She said the workshop was also geared towards teaching them to be respectful to others and themselves in public places.
Diwanetra Hill said it was a good life lesson because you never know what event you may have to attend.

“Her ‘keep it real’ attitude reached people. It was a very positive hands-on approach. She went from person to person and showed us how to do things correctly,” said the Bernice native.
Dean said she wanted the young ladies to learn something new.
“It’s important for young ladies to know how to set a formal table, how to sit in a dress, how to walk in heels and how not to cross your legs at the knees but at the ankles,” she said.
Dean said this was a great activity for them right before Junior/Senior prom, and much of what they learned was a surprise to the young ladies.

She said the students very interested and participated with Hunter when she asked for volunteers and asked questions.
“They really enjoyed it. I told them that what they would learn would help them when they went for interviews, formal affairs, and what they really wanted to know, how to get the boys to be gentlemen on their dates,” Dean said.