FSUB president sends out thanks

I love Grambling State University! If I could put it in writing I would, but I guess some emotions weren’t meant for pen and paper. It took some time because, like every other homesick disgruntled freshman, I was quick to express my angst with the place that I would call my home and grow to love throughout my matriculation.Grambling has allowed me to see a lot of things differently and has awakened in me a sense of pride I took for granted for quite some time. Like all the great ones who walked across the Black and Gold Stage, I too will soon make that journey and, rest assured, I will be great.
I have met some of my life-long friends here. I can now say that I know the true definition of the term “friendship” and just how significant a role it plays in one’s social development. Kurlyn, my right hand and my other half, you complete me. It’ll be interesting to see what life is going to be like without you around every waking moment. I will truly miss you.
Shay (my lil sister), Tasha, Courtney Heard, Solange Sayers, Whitney Henry, Courtney Samuel and all the other countless beautiful people who surrounded me, thanks for boosting my ego and always believing in me. I am happy that I met you guys, and y’all will forever be dear to me.

My fraternity, how I love Kappa Alpha Psi. The Gamma Psi Chapter is my home, and I will miss dearly all my brothers. You guys taught me what it is to be accountable and have someone there you can rely on with every call. Mr. Otis Jones (my adviser), Preston, Johnathan, TJ, Dupe and Deshon, I will truly miss you guys.

The Favrot Student Union was also my home during my final years at GSU. Working with the likes of Ms. Paula Hicks, Barbara Payne, Casey Byrd and Mrs. C Favors has truly enlightened me and helped enhance my work ethic. It was indeed a pleasure serving you, GSU, as your Student Union Board president for 2009-2010. This, however, would not have been a success without my advisory board and my executive board, especially my vice president, Kurlyn Honore’, and my administrative assistant, Cameron Butler. Thank you all so much for everything. I love you. “Coach P”, I can’t put in words what you mean to me. You are superhuman, and I thank God that I was able to work with you. Mr. Terry Lilly, my mentor, your witty sarcasm only taught me to keep my guard up and, once I believe, the world will be my oyster. Thank you so much for believing in me and being there as a reliable figure in my life.
To the faculty and staff, especially Dr. Dorsey, Dr. Stewart, Dr. Defeo, Dr. Gonzalez, Dr. Ford, Ms. Cage, Mrs. Kelly, Mrs. Lee, Ms. Peters, Ms. Dunn, Dr. Pitts, Mrs. Yazmine, Dr. Frazier, Dr. Edu, and Ms. Evans, thank you for your constant support and motivation. You all are part of the reason I am the professional individual I am today. I love and will miss you tremendously.

Grambling State and all of the experiences I’ve had here,
academic or social, were all intrinsic to my development. I came here unsure and full of inhibitions. This exceptional institution was able to mold me into a well-rounded adult ready for the concrete jungle that lies beyond its Black and Gold walls. I know that I have learned something lifelong from every facet of Grambling’s culture that I immersed myself in. And for that I am thankful.