D.I. Old Soul exits experiences

WOW! It’s really here! And I’m sure that you are wondering what it is that I’m speaking of . along with why La’Dasha Rene’ Flournoy has a WHOLE page layout to herself!
I am referring to the day that all students should look forward to; the day that a few steps and a piece of paper are the ingredients to a recipe for the rest of your life . COLLEGE GRADUATION DAY!As I sit here trying to sum up the best years of my life with some of the best people at the best institution, our beloved Grambling State University, I’m challenged to do so in so few words. I don’t really know what to say or where to start.
So . here we go!

Coming from a small town not far from here, Cullen, La., and graduating from Springhill High School in a class of only 69, I knew this college experience would be one full of just as many lessons to learn outside of the classroom as in.
Thus, along with the matriculation of a stellar education from one of the most world famed Historically Black College/University, I began to learn more about myself.
Never forgetting the down-home, country girl that I was at heart; nor the woman that Vivian T. Flournoy-Taylor, Moma B., aunts, uncles, my pastor, Sunday school teachers, church members, teachers and community reared me to be, I surrounded myself with more people that I felt I could learn from.
I dare not to begin to start naming people for the fear that I may not give due credit to the people who have affected my life through the simplest smile, the kindest word of advise to the casual, “Heyyy Dasha!” from across the yard.
My journey to grabbing a degree in Mass Communication with concentrations in Visual Journalism and Print Journalism was not one that planned upon my enrollment.

I had to test drive a few majors before I found my passion within the creative walls of Washington-Johnson Complex. There, I was welcomed with open arms and guided to fully express myself through photography and design.

Shadowing myself with some of The Gramblinite greats, I not only learned the rules of the game along with gaining knowledge that went beyond the book, I gained a family.
The relationships and opportunities that I’ve acquired are ones that will be eternally “tat-tat-tatted up” in my memory!
Another area of my college experience that I DARE NOT not mention sprouted from well-advised information that my big cousin and two-time graduate from this glorious institution, Denetric La’Shaun White, gave me.
She advised me to get involved in as much as possible and join as many organization as possible: major organization, non-Greek, and Greek.
Always being one to take heed to well-advised information, I did just that!

In 2006, along with 91 other eager Black women, I joined The Society of Distinguished Black Women Inc.
The decision to join this organization was one of the best moves that I could have made!

The love that I received throughout sisterhood birthed new relationships that I will continue to value for the rest of my life!
(Clears throat)
Can I get a DDDDDBW.19-92!
I pledged to by my sister’s keeper! I take that vow to heart! I love you ladies.
I will sincerely miss every community service project, every laugh, every tear, every hug, every jig, each and EVERY ONE of the beautiful butterflies that I deem “My babies” & “Sherri”! LOL! I love you ladies! Thank you for making my college experience memorable . THE NERVE!
I went on to join more organizations that I felt defined what I wanted to achieve during this college experience.
Through the NAACP, I got the opportunity to meet a certain lady who changed my life! Serving as the adviser for the organization in 2007, she challenged members of the organization to come out on Wednesdays to a service-learning project with senior citizens in the area.
Always having an “Old Soul”, I jumped at the opportunity to surround myself with priceless wisdom, history lessons that have never graced the pages of any textbook, laughs and Spinner!
The people that I have been blessed to meet at the Grambling Community Center have done more community service for me than I think I will ever do for them.
Their loving arms have embraced me and offered me guidance and peace of mind that I am ever grateful for. You all will never know the effects you have had on my life.
To my “Wednesday Community Center Crew”, thank you for being my parents and peace away from home.
Serving on the Favrot Student Union Board and other organizations, such as the Society of Professional Journalists and the National Association of Black Journalists, I continued to remain active.
No major-based organization compares to the Association for Women in Communications (Theta Sigma Phi)!
I am going to sincerely miss you ladies! Psst . we know what to do when I come back in town for Homecoming! 😉
Among all of the many experiences, the most D.I.namic came on April 26, 2010, when I crossed the burning sands of the most talked abOWT organization . The DIVAstating Delta Iota Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc.!
This monument in my college career is one that is bittersweet.
I am ecstatic to have a lifetime bond with sorority sisters that are dedicated to rising above nonsense and devoting themselves wholeheartedly to a greater cause.
Yet, I will walk across the stage sadly, because I will be leaving behind 47 intelligent, collegiate, (turns head) BLACK women that I have been blessed to meet, learn and love!
The memories that we’ve made together will NEVER be forgotten. Whether you know it or not, you all have individually touched me and I love you for that!
Thank you to Mrs. Pogue, the D.I.namic 7 and the 48 C.O.D.E.S. of DSTinction.
I say my Sororssss . my sweet, sweet Sorors . D.I. Old Soul is going to miss her D.I. Deltasss!

I must thank Charles P. Adams, for there is no other school like our “Dear Ol’ Grambling”! I love thee, Dear Ol’ Grambling!
To my fellow 2010 graduates from this great institution, I personally challenge you all to go out and make sure that the image and reputation of our institution is NEVER tainted.
We no longer just represent ourselves, our families, our upbringing and experiences, we now represent this institution!
Respect it. Protect it. If we don’t, no one else will.
Above all, I would like to thank Jesus! Without Him, nothing is possible.

Be successful. Be inspired. Be Great. Be Blessed.
(Wipes away tears)
Peace OWT!