Boondocks Returns!

While it portrays the stereotypical Black person, you have to admit that The Boondocks are hilarious. Returning for its third and final season, the season premiere involved a situation so many of us can relate to, the election of President Obama.
The season premiere on Cartoon Network’s “Adult Swim” poked fun at the thoughts of Blacks during the campaign and election of President Obama.The Peabody Award-winning animated series was created by Aaron McGruder based upon McGruder’s comic strip of the same name. The Boondocks focuses on stereotypes in the world and revolves around the lives of the Freeman family: Huey, his younger brother, Riley and their grand-father, Robert.
The Washington Post stated, “McGruder and company try to make up for lost satirical opportunities with an opening episode that retraces the final days and pop-culture frenzy of the Obama campaign, election and inauguration.”
Narrated by German filmmaker, Werner Herzog, the episode seeks the opinion of Blacks and what the election meant to them and their country. While it did show the arrogance of the 2008 election, it mirrored some of our opinions.
With the election being almost two years ago, why not poke fun?
After Huey Freeman reveals that he is pro-McCain, he receives a visit from Herzog. While visiting the suburban Chicago home, Herzog says, “So now that it looks like Obama is going to win. As black, African American Negro, are you merely excited or are you extremely excited that everything is going to change forever?” Huey simply replies, “Meh.”

Riley Freeman portrayed the thugish student who feels that the election of Obama would support his deliquency. He did things such as spray-painting “Obeezy” and saying that he would call the White House if the police tried to arrest him. In Riley’s words, “Don’t make me call the president on you.”

The episode also featured the rapper Thugnificent who was the representation of jumping on the bandwagon or “(explicit) riding Obama.” There’s always that one person who doesn’t know the policies the president is trying to put in place. In this case, it was Thugnificent. He turned his ignorance into a musical hit.
Huey says he will leave the country after the win by Obama. At the inauguration, Grandad and others tried to enter with their “VIP” tickets only resulting in Grandad getting tased by the National Guard. I guess saying, “Don’t tase me, bro. I got heart problems!” doesn’t always work.

I hope the season premiere is a blueprint for what more is to come. This final season should be one to remember.