A rising star

“Words can’t express how I feel about you, it’s like a harp in my chest, I’m tryna tell you … how you make me feel inside girl …”
Local artist Michael DeWanyne is singing his heart out on his recently released single “Words.” The hit single features melodic tunes and heartfelt lyrics. Michael DeWanyne’s other singles “Tha One”, “Suicide” and “She’s Killin Me”, have also made waves on the Internet. Bowden has been serenading the world with his voice since the tender age of 10. Growing up in Ruston, you may think his life was sheltered, but this was not the case.
Music was his escape into cultural revolution. Lauryn Hill, Jill Scott, Missy Elliot and John Legend helped shape his sound. He describes his unique sound as different. Neo-Soul mixed with funky rhythm beats and real lyrics.
How “real” are his lyrics? Here’s an idea, an excerpt from his song “Suicide”:

“My heart grows colder, every time she comes around and kiss me on my neck. Is this reality or a fantasy, I’m not sure what to believe, but I know it’s gonna take me to my death …”
Those piercing words matched with a dope beat are what make Michael DeWanyne’s music so interesting. With production from Adam William and lyrics by himself, you can’t go wrong.
Michael is a regular on the GSU performance circuit. His high-energy performance and fun loving personality make his shows enticing to watch.

Other than wooing us with his voice, Bowden also models and dances with the ever-popular dance crew Sumthin’ Serious. However, academics are his main priority. He was just inducted into Phi Beta Lambda Fraternity Inc. last fall. Service is also important to him; he is the vice president of Circle K. As a mass communication major, he is a part of Tiger TV.
What does he want out of life? “To never give up … a lot of people say ‘No,’ but look for that person who will say ‘Yes.’ I don’t really care about the record deal, but if every person in the world heard at least one of my songs it would complete me…”

Find this unsigned hype’s music Facebook.com/MichaelDeWanyne.