We have a great challenge before us

In such perilous and difficult times, we can concur that our troubling youth can be our greatest concern. The ones who are responsible for turning it around do not lie with government, but the church community.
Servants of God must analyze exactly what constitutes the plight and downfalls of our young people. Our young men are in the graveyard and in prison. And most importantly, 50 percent of them only finish high school nation wide.
Thus many of our young men are removed from professional opportunities, as many of them are not entering colleges.

Many of our young men and women are incarcerated by age 16. Thereby, their self – esteem is tremendously depleted.
The men of God are not promoting that holiness lifestyle as they should. Without holiness, these young people will have no boundaries, thus leading to much of their detriment.

Let us save our youth by encouraging them in the church community. Allow youth pastors from other areas of the state or nation to promote innovative ideas that may be productive among the youth ministers should be encouraged and fostered.
These are just a few nuggets of implementations that may promote the character of our young people.

Pastors and other church leaders could sponsor book mobiles to visit the church campus at least once every other month.
This gives the young people an opportunity to read extra books of interest.

This venture can encourage competition and gift prizes to be granted to those youths who wrote the best book reports. I am sure the students would be truly motivated.

Minister Doris P. James is a missionary from New Orleans whose living in the Grambling area.