Tiger Fest talent

The long lines, security, and booming speaker system indicated that the Comedy/Talent show began in the Men’s Gymnasium on last Tuesday night.
The live band, DJ, host Steve Brown, and cohost Jermaine “Funny Maine” Johnson kicked off the show by engaging the crowd through jokes and in-crowd participation. Then the moment everyone was waiting on, the talent! Beyonce’ ballads and up-beat hits, Trey Songz melodies, spoken word, gospel and dance were showcased.
All the talent definitely put their best foot forward and showed out.

Host and member of Omega Psi Phi Steve Brown, said, “Karly was the best to me. She looked beautiful and had a voice to match.”
Cohost and member of Kappa Alpha Psi, Jermaine Johnson said, “The girl who sung the gospel song stood out to me the most.”
Fan favorite Kedric Smith, or as the audience knew him as, KK, left a humorous “energetic” rendition of Musiq SoulChild’s “Lifetime” on everyone’s mind.
Jermaine said, “KK really stuck out.” Brown says, “KK is very unique. He reminds me of myself, because he entertains himself.
“Difference is, I’m good at what I do and KK is very . compassionate.”
One thing the crowd won’t forget about KK is when he stepped on the stage he really got on the floor!

An off guard moment at the show that caught everyone’s attention was the unscheduled dance battle between 318 Sex Therapists and the rowdy, raunchy Florida Boys.
Untamed and wild, the two cliques duked it out in the middle of the gym causing the ladies to go crazy.

After getting the crowd under control, and cleaning the pie from the floor, host and cohost both agreed that Grambling is in the top for most hype HBCUs.
Brown said, “Grambling might have to adopt me after tonight!”

Jermaine admitted however, “the best talent was on stage. If you had real talent the stage is where you were. There is a lot of talent at Gram.”

All the security in the world couldn’t contain the fun and energy coming from the crowd, generated by the talent displayed.
To shut down the stage and close out the night was a performance from the dance group Sumthin’ Serious.

The performance ended the night right. In the words of their mixed soundtrack, “FATALITY.”

Funny Maine Jermaine ended by saying, “This is my first time on campus, and a good place to celebrate 25th birthday.
” It went down! Gram is hospitable too, because ‘Hollywood’ is taking me, and Steve out to eat at Red Lobster. Win win all the way around.