NFL Draft reveals maneuvering, risky moves by teams

The past few weeks and months have been very hard. Earning their opportunities one by one, the prospects of NCAA are able to set their aspirations at ease by being entered into the 2010 NFL Draft. From highest rank to lowest rank, pros and cons and best move to riskiest move, these are the most talked about stories in the draft analysis of both NFC and AFC.
NFC East has the most talked about story with the best move for the NFC East and the Dallas Cowboys. Owner Jerry Jones moved three spots in the first round to achieve the most prestigious player of Oklahoma State WR Dez Bryant- being in the top 10 talent (ranking No. 8 on the draft board), who put fear into the teams that stood against him. The Dallas Cowboys selected him with the shrewd move of the Baltimore Ravens, who were waiting on Bryant at No. 25, but with the blocked move of Patriots head coach Bill Belichick, he made a trade with Jones.

The thought on everyone’s minds is the newest addition to the Denver Broncos, Tim Tebow. Though Tebow’s trade immediately trumped Bryant’s position in the category of excitement, Bryant will be contributing a tremendous performance for the Cowboys this upcoming season. The riskiest move was the Washington Redskins picking up the Oklahoma’s left tackle Trent Williams.
Call me crazy but that’s just basic analysis. Williams being ranked No. 4 overall is one of the riskiest moves of the draft. Sure, Williams has outstanding potential, but not a damaged product. He has more versatility and is a better fit into the Redskins zone-blocking scheme, but far from the safest pick out of the top 10.
With Williams beginning his career as a right tackle for the Redskins, it would be good to see how he would square up against the Dallas Cowboys and DeMarcus Ware in the first game of the season.

AFC West is one of the major stories out of the draft. The NFC and AFC teams have in fact brought up some big league talent this past weekend. Oklahoma University’s Sam Bradford leads AFC West and newcomers and who are SEC stars, such as Tim Tebow (Denver Broncos), Eric Berry (Kansas City Chiefs), and Rolando McClain (Oakland Raiders). Let’s not forget about adding LaDainian Tomlison’s replacement for the San Diego Chargers, Ryan Matthew, and the new quarterback for the Oakland Raiders, Jason Campbell.

To add more icing to the cake, the draft weekend will receive more thrills for this division this weekend. With key arrivals, the AFC West is making a lot of noise and has big intentions in the upcoming season.
The best move was the selection of Rolando McClain. This was a great pick for Oakland. Having their heads in the draft for someone to make an impact, they were noticeable to everyone that they were going to play it straight this weekend.

Oakland wasn’t too interested in skilled and positioned players anymore. But with McClain, they are looking to have a brighter season and already have planned for him to be a starter and a soon-to-be star.