Greeks step in unity at Tiger Fest

The most anticipated event of Tiger Fest, the Step Show was finally here.
The night started with performances from the Non- Greeks, and up first were the ladies of Tau Beta Sigma Honorary Band Sorority.
Stepping out to the tunes of Nelly’s song, “Batter Up” went along with their theme, coincidently acting as players on the baseball field.
The crowd was thoroughly enthused when a person imitating Madea, came out on stage to get the girls back in shape to finish out their performance. During Tau Beta Sigma’s show, they re- enacted in slow motion players stealing the bases and getting a homerun which was a definite crowd pleaser as well.
The echo of laughter and hand claps throughout the gym proved this scene to be very entertaining to the audience.

Up next were the men of Kappa Kappa Psi Honorary Brand Fraternity. Seducing the ladies to the sounds of Maxwell and R. Kelly, they did their signature “loose- neck” dance ultimately making the all ladies squirm.
The accuracy and concise steps of the smooth brothers of Kappa Kappa Psi is what kept the crowd in awe.

The ripple in the middle of the performance also showed their strong sense of precision.
Next the Greeks would perform, and Zeta Phi Beta Sorority was the first to step.
Reminiscent of the “old days” and making you feel like a kid again, the ladies in blue excitedly came out dancing to the popular tunes of the 80’s like: Montell Jordan’s “This is How we Do It”, K.P. and Envyi’s ” Shorty Swing My Way”, and Bell Biv DeVoe’s “Poison” just to name a few.

Brutha Man from the 5th floor also made an appearance as he kept messing up the turntable booth when the ladies were trying to dance.

As their show continued, a little Zeta came out to show the ladies how to really get down showing them really how to step.
The crowd broke out in applause when the little girl started stepping and was able to keep up with the ladies and still remain on beat.

Up next to perform were the highly anticipated Sigma Gamma Rho’s were the first to grace the stage as Greek goddesses.
Dancing to Keri’s Hilson’s “Make Love” the SGRho’s set the mood.

Bringing out the canes, they audience saw nothing but twirls and tosses as they used the canes to add and enhance to their show.
The ladies even managed to sit on the canes to do a shoulder shacking shimmy something the men in the crowd loved.

Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity took a more traditional route performing to no music. Although there was no music they definitely made up for in step.
The Sigma’s stomped hard, proving that you don’t necessarily need tunes to get your point of across.

Their passion and the fact that Phi Beta Sigma had “soul” was music enough for them.
Iota Phi Theta imitated the highly watched show, 106 and Park.

They came out through a television acting as characters in the videos we see daily.
The first video was Drake’s “Everywhere” where one of the members acted as Drake and rapped to the lyrics.

Afterwards they proceeded to go straight into a commercial break where the Channing Montgomery came out and imitated the Everest College commercial, persuading everyone to go back to school .

The crowd was thrilled when they saw this and sea of laughter was heard over the gym.
The next commercial to be acted out was a McDonald’s commercial where they fought over chicken nuggets, which was also funny to the audience as well.
Ending the show with Omarion’s song “Freak” the gentleman freak- danced to slow- moving tunes. While they were dancing and enticing the ladies in the crowd they placed an assortment of different color underwear in a glass of water, and then drank the contents inside.

As soon as this occurred the ladies in the crowd screamed and yelled, showing they fascination for this.
Last but not least were the men in gold, Omega Psi Phi. The theme of their show was Mario.
Cornelius Walker came out on the stage to start playing his game and as soon he did the other men of Omega Psi Phi came out to step.

Showing the crowd their creativity, the formations and styles of the Omega’s kept the crowd starring.
In the middle of the routine Cornelius Walker came back on- stage to blow in the cartridge as to start the game (steppers) back over again, which is something that crowd could relate to when playing on the Sega as a little kid.

The winners of the night were as follows: Non- Greeks 1st place- Kappa Kappa Psi. 2nd place Tau Beta Sigma Sorority, Greeks- (Women) 1st place- Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, 2nd place- Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, (Men) 1st place- Omega Psi Phi, 2nd place- Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity.