Final countdown to NBA Playoffs

The 2010 NBA Playoffs began on April 17 between sixteen of the league’s best teams, the top eight from the east and the other top eight from the west. Each team, playing in a tournament bracket with a winner from best out of seven games, have fans setting their DVRs hours before the action begins, in hopes that they will not miss one second of the game.

Representing the number one spot in the Eastern Conference is Cleveland Cavaliers, who posted their second consecutive (and second ever) 60+ win season. They also clinched the best record in the NBA on April 4th, which guarantees them home-court advantage throughout the playoffs.

Holding the top spot from the Western Conference is, without a surprise, the Los Angeles Lakers. With 57 wins during the season, it shouldn’t come to a shock why Phil Jackson’s team could advance to the finals, and lead player Kobe Bryant may add another ring on his hand.
While not everyone is a fan of the Lakers (myself included- I’m a Mavericks supporter), diehard supporters of the team ruminated on why they believe their team will go all the way to the end, and win:
“The Lakers are going all the way, simply because Kobe is unstoppable. Andrew Bynum, Pau Gasol and the other players are just there to highlight the Lakers teamwork.” – Khiry Graham (freshman, Fillmore, Calif.)
“Why will the Lakers advance? Hmmm.Why do they have four rings?”- Morgen Shaw (sophomore, University of North Texas in Denton, Texas)
“One word. Kobe.” – Robert Mitchell (sophomore, Carson, Calif.)

“Hard work, discipline, and teamwork. Nothing more, nothing less.” – Channing Gaulden (junior, Oakland, Calif.)
“The Lakers will be in the finals versus the Cavaliers because this year they have all of their players back.However, as much as I would love to see my team go back to back you have to step into reality. The Cavs are way too strong right now and they have the drive that the Lakers had in the previous year. Based on the results from the All-Star Week, the Lakers haven’t been the same team they were at the beginning of the year.” Devon Raymond Jr. (Grambling Alumnus, Spring 2008 Graduating class, Mt. Edgecombe, Jamaica)

While each teams are still currently in the quarterfinals round of the Playoffs, it appears that the duel is between both Los Angeles and Cleveland- as if the other teams are merely entertaining everyone until the two go head to head for the Championship title.

As of press time, the Lakers have a 2-0 playoff record against the Oklahoma City Thunder. Being the No. 1 seed in the west has its benefits: the latter team was given home-court advantage against their opponents, and for both games, each seat of the Staples Center was filled, all 18,997 of them.

The Cavaliers also lead the series in the Eastern conference playoffs up by two wins against the Bulls.

Candice Dixson is a junior mass communication major from San Diego.