Black Dynasty models for Spring

High steps, hard stomps and fast walking. The spring Black Dynasty show has came and gone.On April 14, Black Dynasty had their big show of the spring semester. Hosts Jalissa Meredith and Kenneth Williams opened with the history of Black Dynasty.
Black Dynasty is a modeling troupe that has been active since 1983. With over 200 members, Black Dynasty is active in Louisiana, Texas and California.

Started at Grambling State University, Black Dynasty then made its way to Dallas in 1992 at Paul Quinn College according to angelfire.com. After “laying low,” Black Dynasty made its way back in 1999 at Paul Quinn. After making a name for themselves in Texas, they expanded out to Calif. They then formed at UC-Davis and San Diego State University.

During intermission, “Sumthing Serious” performed to a series of songs.
Keondra Moore, sophomore mass communication major, joined Black Dynasty, “To be apart of an organization with a strong family like bond and who were active on campus,” she said.

Black Dynasty offers self-confidence and confidence building. Black Dynasty Show Director Nic Williams, junior criminal justice major, said, “We are not a high fashion modeling troupe on campus. We just embrace all different shapes, sizes and colors in our organization.”
While Black Dynasty is not your typical model troupe, they are remembered. Their walk and style is one that can’t be forgotten. “We wear modern apparel how it’s supposed to be worn, but we add out own ‘BD’ flare to it,” said Williams.

While some may join Black Dynasty just to model, others have different motives. Junior CIS major Qudus Oduniyi said, “It was my first college organization and as a freshman, just seeing all the different girls.” But, the girls aren’t what kept him in Black Dynasty. “It was fun and it gave me something to do. Plus we travel,” said Oduniyi.

Like all other organizations, you must have a 2.5 GPA for Black Dynasty. But, you must also be willing to learn and have fun.