Twenty Questions

1) Who missed 20 Questions?2) Do you submit any?

3) Where did the semester go?

4) Who went to see Soledad O’Brien?

5) Who didn’t go to the event and complained that Grambling never brings any good speakers?

6) Has anyone talked to Elijah?

7) Was the SGA debate rigged?

8) Who were the hecklers at the Queen’s showcase?

9) Would they get up there?

10) Who shouldn’t be running for anything?

11) Where is the junior class?

12) Should we call people who are on the
yard again “yardigans?”

13) How many yardigans without fee sheets look fresh every day?

14) Who goes to parties just to be tagged in a Beem photo?

15) Who lost their dignity at a party?

16) Any Justin Bieber fans out there?

17) Who brought scooters back?

18) Is the campus run by skaters and scooters?

19) Who’s going to get one?

20) Miss Spring Break yet?