Motivational speaker encourages parents

“Positive Parenting in Challenging Times,” was this month’s theme at the PTA meeting held in the Alma J. Brown Elementary School on April 6 in the GSU School of Nursing Auditorium. The event was hosted by Carolyn Cage, PTA president. Motivational guest speaker Dr. Fairest Hill discussed the significance of being a positive influence as a parent.
The event kicked off with an unusual introduction of song “You Gotta Go Easy, Slow Down,” a subliminal appeal for parents to improve on their parenting skills.
The audience listened as Dr. Hill told parents that they should not give up.
“What’s more important in overcoming the storm is how to dance in the rain,” he said. He added that “parenting is an ongoing battle-one that parents should not lose.”

Dr. Hill’s speech was exceptionally passionate since he is a proud parent who has traveled and worked with children labeled as “at risk students” from New Mexico and Trinidad.

“There are no illegitimate children,” Dr. Hill said.
Known for a plethora of publications on developing the self and has authored two books.

“Make time to celebrate yourself everyday, make time because one day you will run out of time,” Dr. Hill urged readers.

Dr. Hill spoke proudly of his newest project, “Project 2020: Building Leaders for the 21st Century” where he visits selected schools across the state once a month and works with disadvantaged children.
Dr. Hill spoke about of his strict upbringing and credits most of his successes to his mother who was his number one motivational speaker.

He also touched on the importance of the role of the father figure in the home.
“It is imperative for the fathers to not sit back and have the mothers raise their children because there are some things only a father can teach his son,” Dr. Hill said.
More than just parents can help mold a child. Other members of society play a role in developing the child.

He believes that parents need to step in before incarceration attempts to rehabilitate what could have been fixed a long time ago.

And in order for students to achieve they need to be pushed by parents who are openly pushing and constantly motivating themselves.

Hill closed off with his eight key words for success: Sacrifice, Study, Concentrate, Prepare, Relax, Think, Focus and Review.
He plead with parents to spread the good news of how proud everyone should be to be a parent and that communication and effective listening will fix any problem within the household.