Hobdy: Daddy is yet, home again

The Lord has blessed us. He gave us the type of father that all children hope for, but few experience.
In a time when true men are scarce and real fathers are a rarity, we can say with sincerity that our father was a giant as both.
As a man, Dad was strong, wise, honest and courageous. His compassion for others was legendary. His faith, dignity and integrity remained uncompromised to the end of his life on earth. As a parent, Dad provided for all of our needs, whether financial or emotional.
He was committed to his family and children. Certain events make childhood special-birthdays, school plays, science fairs, debutante balls, graduations, etc. As busy as he was, he never missed an important episode in our lives. He was always there.

Dad laughed with us when we were happy, comforted us when we cried and picked us up when we faltered. He loved us with all that he had and we loved him with all intensity. We were proud to be the children of Coach and Mary Hobdy. Beyond a doubt, Dad, with the heart of a champion, was our hero.
Many knew of our father’s professional accomplishments. Few knew that between winning all of 572 games, he taught his children to work hard, and to persevere in the midst of adversity. He taught us to stand up for what we believed was right and to always take the high road. Between games and recruitment trips, speaking engagements and award dinners, he taught us to face life head on and to keep our bearing in the midst of chaos. In so many ways, Dad taught us the meaning of love, unconditional.

Dad was a true blessing to Lenny and me. He was never harsh or overly critical. He always guided and corrected firmly, but in a unique manner that left our dignity intact.

I remember waiting endlessly until Daddy arrived home from one of his many roadtrips. I would wait silently until the wee hours of the morning, sleeping only when I knew that he had arrived home safely. “Thank God, Daddy was home again” was my prayer. Dad’s spirit was always present even when he was away. His love for us and ours for him will never die. The morning has come and Daddy is yet, home again.

And now, we thank all people who strived to commemorate the outstanding achievements of our father by naming the Grambling State University Assembly Center in his honor. It is a dream come true and a testament to an exceptional life.