Getting More than a Window Seat

As certain people enter into the limelight of Hollywood, controversy follows them. Erykah Badu, a former Grambling State University student is one of those celebrities. See the video for her latest single “Window Seat.” During the video she walks down a busy street in the middle of the day removing clothing. To some viewers, mostly guys, this may be a great video because of the brief glimpse of Badu’s figure. As I watched the video and looked deeper, I saw that it represented her being a free spirit. Badu has never gone with the flow of society, but instead has always tried to be a stand out artist.

Although I feel that removing her clothes has nothing to do with the lyrics, I do feel like there are underlying meanings. The beginning of the video when a clip from the radio station from when Kennedy was assassinated is an example.

This could mean that we never know what we are going into. Kennedy and Badu play the same role in this video. At the end Badu was shot in the middle of the street, and as she lied there, she delivered a message that could give chills to any open minded person. “They play it safe. They are quick to assassinate what they do not understand. “
Who are “they” you might ask. “They” could be anyone. How often have we closed our minds because we don’t know exactly what something means or understand it.

Badu she may not mean actually assassinate, but as an assassination in our minds. To close our minds to a subject may as well be considered us killing the possibility of expanding our mind.

Although some may see the fact that Badu revealed herself to people in the middle of the day, if you notice the underlying meanings you could potentially better yourself. So if you want to be an assassin, be an assassin of the closed-mindedness that we all occasionally are guilty of.