Coleman stands out as a Golfer for GSU

Junior marketing major Jonathan Coleman hails from Cincinnati, Ohio and has experienced a successful golf/student career so far at Grambling State University. Oftentimes campus golfers are overlooked, so The Gramblinite sat down with the notable athlete to find out more. Q: So how long have you been playing the sport of Golf?
A: Since I was seven years old.

Q: As a Black man in a predominately White male dominated sport; what was the significant factor that made you that say golf was the choice sport for you amongst other sports?
A: I had the chance of a lifetime, receiving a private lesson from Tiger Woods. This (played) a major role in enabling me to pursue the sport with a real passion.
Because I like Mr. Woods feel that (there’s) no reason to compete at anything if you’re not going to attempt to be the best.

Q: You’re a few wins shy of the school record. How many wins do you have in total and your best finish at the SWAC Tournament?
A: Five wins in my career and the highest I’ve ever finished at the SWAC tourney was fifth place.

Q: In a singular sport where you have only yourself to depend on or blame if something if something goes awry, what drives you?
A: My motivation is to be the best. I hate playing for second place.
Hard work and perseverance (are) easily put to the test in my sport, so I have to make sure I’m in the best possible state of mind and body wise.

Q: Who are some of your influences?
A: My father, my brother, my good friend Austin as well as Tiger Woods.

Q: What is your goal after receiving your degree from Grambling State?
A: My ultimate goal is to turn professional and compete at the highest level.

Q: How would you go about getting the African-American youth to try out golf as an alternative to more popular sports, in the event that not a lot of us have access to resources such as Country Clubs etc?
A: I would say that golf provides you an array of different types of opportunities; you meet people from all backgrounds.
Golf is a world sport. If you can’t get to a driving range and places of that nature, practice in open fields where permitted.
And oftentimes most business deals are being made on the golf

Q: Lastly, What do you hope you achieve in your sport before you finish up you career here at GSU?
A: I hope to get to 10 wins and two SWAC Championships for myself and to Grambling State University.