Making SMARTS (Sophisticated Movement And Revolutionizing Thoughts) is 19-year-old sophomore Marcus Brandon, who might be young, but is timeless with the artistic style to make beats and rap. The computer information systems major is a native of Atlanta who also hails from Bastrop.

Brandon was interviewed and given the opportunity to showcase his character, from behind and away from the microphone:
Tell me a bit about yourself:

I moved around a lot, which led to me attending different schools and making new friends. I love sports. A big Phoenix Suns fan. [Laughs] Only because of Steve Nash. [Looks over his shoulder and whispers] “I’m not a Saints fan.” I like the Dallas Cowboys.

Do you have a favorite rapper?
No, for the reason that I don’t believe anyone necessarily has a favorite rapper.

Everyone listens to an artist, then when the artists “makes it big,” they want to hop on the bandwagon and acknowledge that artist as their favorite . I’m focused on myself.
Describe your artistic style in three words:
Clever, energetic, and truthful.

How long have you been rapping?
For eight years.
Would you ever participate in a rap battle?
No. In my opinion there is a difference between battle rapping and rapping to make music that people will listen to.
I make rap and make music that people will listen to… I chose to not be apart of any battles.
Where does your inspiration come from?
Everyday life.
What would your life be like without rapping?
Boring. I relate everything to rapping.

Biggie, 50 Cent, Eminem and other rappers have had self-proclaimed movies about their lives. If you had a movie about yourself, who would portray you and why?

My 13-year-old brother Timothy. He knows how I prefer my music to be done and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I wouldn’t want a celebrity to portray me . I want someone who knows me.

How do you differ from other rappers?
I take my time in what I do. Not to step on anyone’s toes or come off offensive, but I perform and write with a passion. I’m not doing it for the money.

Finish this sentence: Rapping to me is like.
Living in a movie. When I rap, it’s like the fame comes with me.