Fitness challenge boosts opportunities

The Grambling State University Army ROTC and the Louisiana National Guard’s hosted the “Tiger Tough Fitness Challenge” on Tuesday. The students earned some prizes as well as learned about opportunities and other useful information, such as the benefits of the program.The Tiger Tough Fitness Challenge event is not a stranger to the campus. This physical challenge and opportunity filled event stops by once a semester.
“I have high expectations for today,” shared first timer to the event on GSU’s campus,
Capt. David Bourgeois.

From the one-on-one adrenaline rush the participants got from the Pugil Stick battles, to stress-relieving pounding that one can give opponent in the boxing matches, to the battle with gravity that is experienced with the rock wall, these free activities were among the many events that were highlighted.

“The event is a way to combat some of the stereotypes,” GSU graduate, Lt. Jacques Roulette stated in his reaction to the event.
Outside of the snazzy technique to draw students’ attention, Capt. Rosaline Johnson, the scholarship enrollment officer shared that the event’s sole purpose was for students to gather information and gain awareness of the ROTC program on campus and the opportunities to network, scholarships and other career opportunities.

Johnson also shared information that the regular, non-ROTC student could take advantage of.

“Any student can enroll in Military Science 101, 102, 201,” Johnson shared. These courses offer students the opportunity to learn valuable proficiencies such as leadership skills and people management as well as time management skills to name a few.
“Students that are tired of taking out loans are able to join and the National Guard pays back up to $50,000 in college loans,” shared Staff Sgt. Obie D. Sims.

There are numerous misconceptions about entering into the program. Information about some of the misconceptions:
Contrary to rumor, the benefits and opportunities to have loans repaid are available to seniors. College students at any classification are able to participate. Previous ROTC experience is not required.

Upon signing, students that have no previous ROTC experience will enter a 28-day Leadership Training Course in Fort Knox, Ky., that will bring you up to a two-year ROTC level.
To start LTC won’t cost participants anything, and joining does not mean you are committed to the Army.

Also, for those that just want to test the waters, at any point you have the option to opt out if you feel that the Army, ROTC or LTC isn’t right for you. But if you have the guts and glory to stay committed until the end, you have the opportunity to earn an additional $5,000.

For more information on LTC, contact Capt. Johnson at 318-274-3324 or 318-243-5400.

“The information provided is resourceful towards individuals interested in joining the Army ROTC program or the Army National Guard,” said Lauren Ragsdale, a junior from San Antonio.

The Tiger Tough Fitness Challenge was a crowd pleaser and an opportunity booster for students that attended. For all others who didn’t, don’t let these opportunities pass you by.